When Should I Take My Child To Their First Calgary Dentist Appointment?

When Should I Take My Child To Their First Calgary Dentist Appointment?

When Should I Take My Child For Their First Calgary Dentist Appointment?

Many patients wonder when they should bring their children in for their first dental visit with their Calgary dentist.  Some parents and caregivers are under the erroneous belief that, because baby teeth fall out, it is not necessary for their child to see a Calgary dentist until their permanent teeth start to erupt.  In fact, this could not be further from the truth. Our Calgary dentist follows the recommendation of the Canadian Dental Association which advises that your child should be seen by a dentist within six months of the eruption of their first tooth or by one year of age, whichever is earlier.  By ensuring that your child sees a Calgary dentist at an early age, your dentist can detect and address any potential issues that are commonly seen in children, including: 

  • orthodontic problems such as teeth crowding or improper or incomplete eruption of teeth
  • excessive thumb sucking
  • infections, including gum issues
  • early caries (cavities)
  • fluorosis (white spots on teeth due to overexposure to fluoride in the first eight years of life, usually from swallowing toothpaste with fluoride)

There is no doubt that the health of your child’s baby teeth is as important as the health of their adult teeth.  Regular visits to your child’s Calgary dentist can prevent smaller issues from developing into larger issues that require more intervention.  This can be very important as it relates to some children’s willingness to attend the dentist office as, sometimes, extensive dental work can lead to anxiety which can be difficult to overcome in future dentist visits.  Untreated dental issues in children, particularly extensive dental issues, can also lead to missed social activities, sporting activities and school due to your child’s pain and discomfort.

If it’s time for your child’s first or next dental visit, our Calgary dentist is here for you and your family!  Our office is open Monday to Friday, with early morning, evening and Saturday appointments available.  Call us today at 403.283.4252.  Let’s make your child’s smile last a lifetime! 


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