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If you’re unhappy with one or more teeth that are poorly shaped, chipped, crooked, misaligned or mispositioned (yes, porcelain veneers can fix all of these concerns), custom designed porcelain veneers by Dr. Dirk Thompson, our Calgary dentist, may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Porcelain veneers can be placed over a single tooth or many teeth and are a great option where there is adequate and healthy tooth structure but where one or more aesthetic improvements are desired. 

If you’re ready to transform your smile with porcelain veneers, call our Calgary dentist office today and schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Dirk Thompson. You’re going to love your smile!

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What To Know About Porcelain Veneers

What is a porcelain veneer?

A porcelain veneer is a dental restoration made from an ultra-thin shell of porcelain which is bonded to the front of your prepared tooth.  A dental veneer transforms your tooth to its optimal shape, size and colour and looks, feels and functions just like a natural tooth. 

How long do porcelain veneers last?

Porcelain veneers can last ten or more years provided they are properly cared for and are not subjected to any trauma or unusual wear, for example from biting your nails. Just like your natural teeth, however, porcelain veneers are subject to normal wear and tear.

What are the benefits of porcelain veneers?

There are many benefits to porcelain veneers, including that:

they create a very natural and attractive appearance

they are very strong

they create a very natural and attractive appearance

they create a very natural and attractive appearance

they are easy to care for with a consistent at-home oral care routine and regular dental cleanings and check-ups

they resist staining

they improve the health, function and aesthetics of your smile including the shape, colour and size of your teeth

Why are porcelain veneers placed?

Porcelain veneers are used to improve the aesthetics, health and function of your smile. Porcelain veneers are used to:

change the size, shape or colour of one or more teeth

fix misaligned or crooked teeth

repair chipped, discoloured, decayed or damaged teeth

restore teeth that are worn due to age or teeth grinding

close gaps between teeth

If you’re interested in learning more about dental veneers and how they can improve not only the aesthetics of your smile but also its health and overall function, call our Calgary dentist office today for your appointment with Dr. Dirk Thompson. We’re located in the heart of beautiful Kensington / Hillhurst / Sunnyside in NW Calgary. 

What Are The Steps For
Placing Porcelain Veneers?

Your veneer consultation appointment with our Calgary dentist.

The first step towards your new smile is making your appointment for your personalized consultation with our Calgary dentist, Dr. Dirk Thompson. Whether you’re looking for one or more dental veneers, at this appointment, Dr. Dirk Thompson will consider a variety of factors to ensure your cosmetic dental treatment meets and exceeds your expectations and gives you the smile of your dreams.

Your consultation appointment will include a thorough review by our Calgary dentist of the process of placing dental veneers as well as alternative treatment options and their risks and benefits. As always, your questions are welcomed and encouraged.

At your consultation appointment, our Calgary dentist will also thoroughly review the aesthetics you wish to achieve with your dental veneers. Part of the process will include consideration by our Calgary dentist of the following factors:

your desired colour of your new veneer(s)

your desired size of your new veneer(s)

the shape of your face

the space available in your mouth

the condition of your current tooth/teeth to be restored

the curvature of your lips

the contour of your gumline

the overall aesthetic you desire

After considering all of these factors, our Calgary dentist will formulate a treatment plan that takes into consideration your aesthetic goals, functional needs, timeline and budget.

Your veneer preparation appointment.

At your second dental visit, Dr. Dirk Thompson, our Calgary dentist will prepare your tooth for its porcelain veneer. This is accomplished by reducing the face of your tooth so the veneer can be cemented on top of it. At this visit, our Calgary dentist will again discuss with you the desired colour, shape and overall aesthetic you wish to achieve with your dental veneer(s).

After the veneer preparation is completed, a precise dental impression will be taken from which your new dental veneer will be made. Our skilled Calgary dentist will then work closely with our trusted dental lab to ensure your dental veneer is beautifully fabricated so it appears and functions just like a natural tooth in colour, shape and position.

Before you leave your veneer preparation visit at our Calgary dental office, you will be fitted with a temporary porcelain veneer. The temporary veneer covers the prepared portion of your tooth while your permanent dental veneer is being fabricated.



NOTE: This is not Dr. DIrk Thompson’s patient. This before and after is for informational and illustration purposes only.

Your veneer insertion appointment.

At your third dental visit with our Calgary dentist, your temporary veneer will be removed and your permanent veneer will be cemented onto the prepared tooth. Lastly, your bite will be checked to ensure a perfect fit and function and instructions for follow-up care will be provided. 

Ta Da! Your beautiful and natural looking restoration is complete. Now go ahead, show off your smile! 

- Fall in love with your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Discover how you can enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Find out more about our Calgary dentist’s comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services below. 

Things To Think About

Tooth Modification

this is a permanent step

Be aware that the placement of a dental veneer involves irreversible modification to and reduction of the tooth structure by our Calgary dentist to accommodate the placement of the veneer.  Ask our Calgary dentist for more information about the risks and benefits of dental veneers.

Veneer After Care

it's essential

Your dental veneers require care after placement just like your natural teeth. Following a consistent home oral care routine, including brushing and flossing twice per day, is essential, as are regular visits with our Calgary dentist and dental hygiene team.

Insurance Benefits

get to know your coverage

Insurance coverage for the placement of dental veneers varies from plan to plan. We encourage you to request that our dental team pre-determine your dental coverage so that you are aware of how much your dental insurer will cover prior to your dental treatment.

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