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Being active is an important element in maintaining one’s overall health for both children and adults alike. Some sporting activities, however, can put you or your child at increased risk of facial and dental trauma. One of the most effective ways to prevent dental trauma while participating in sporting activities is to always wear a custom-fitted sports guard, particularly in high impact and high velocity sports.

Our Calgary dentist encourages athletes of all ages, genders and fitness levels to be fitted with a custom-fitted sports guard. Our precision-fitted custom sports guards are easily fabricated in as little as one short visit and are now available in your team colours! These appliances are specifically designed to help cushion the mouth, teeth and jaw, helping to prevent significant orofacial damage and trauma in the event of injury to the facial area.

Make a dental appointment with our Calgary dentist for your or your child’s precision-fitted custom mouth guard and ensure you and your child are protected while you stay healthy and have fun!  

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Why Use a Precision-Fitted Custom Mouth Guard From Our Calgary Dentist?

In addition to custom-fitted mouth guards, there are several other types of mouth guards available on the market including generic (stock) mouth guards as well as boil and bite type of mouth guards. 

Although both stock and boil and bite type of mouth guards may offer some protection in the event of an injury, they do not perform as well as custom-fitted mouth guards. The generic one size fits all type of mouth guards tend to be bulky, ill-fitting and may even make breathing and speaking more difficult and uncomfortable. If the mouth guard is uncomfortable to wear, there is less likelihood that you or your child will be willing to wear it. Our Calgary dentist therefore recommends that this be a consideration when choosing a mouth guard for both you and your child.  

Our Calgary dentist’s mouth guards are precision-fitted to your teeth. This means that they fit as perfectly as possible to your top dentition. We do this by taking an impression of your upper teeth and then using the impression to form a mouth guard using a thermoforming technique that makes the mouth guard fit tightly but comfortably. Our precision-fitted custom mouth guards allow you to breathe much easier than a generic mouth guard. It also offers optimal protection in the event of an impact or injury to your face.

Our precision-fitted custom mouth guards can help reduce the incidence and/or severity of orofacial injuries, including the following type of injuries:

teeth fractures

cheek lacerations

tongue lacerations

gum injuries

jaw fractures

lip lacerations


provides optimal protection from orofacial injuries

allows you to speak easier than generic type of mouth guards

allows you to breathe easier than generic type of mouth guards


long-lasting when taken care of

easy to care for

Your Precision-Fitted Mouth
Guard Is For All Types of Sports!

mouth guard







martial arts

field sports

field hockey

inline skating











- Did You Know?

A 2019 systemic review concluded that an athlete who wears a properly fitted mouth guard is between 89 and 93% less likely to suffer dentofacial injuries than an athlete who does not wear a mouth guard1. Further, the American Dental Association reported in its Journal of the American Dental Association2 that 13 to 39% of all dental injuries are related to playing sports.

Fortunately, the risk of dental trauma to your or your child's mouth, teeth and jaw can be minimized with a custom mouth guard. To save you time, a precision-fitted custom mouth guard can be fabricated at our Calgary dentist office in as little as one visit.

If you or your child needs a new or replacement mouth guard, call our Calgary dentist today.


5 Easy Tips to Help
Your Mouth Guard Last

Unfortunately, mouth guards don’t last forever and, even with the best care, must be replaced periodically. How often you have to replace your mouth guard depends upon a variety of factors, including how well the mouth guard is taken care of, how much you use it and the type of mouth guard that you’re using. For teenagers and children, you can expect that their mouth guards will have to be replaced more frequently simply because their mouths and teeth are growing and changing. You can expect a good quality custom-fitted mouth guard like the ones made by our Calgary dentist to last longer than generic type of mouth guards.

To keep your mouth guard fitting and functioning properly for as long as possible, follow these five easy tips from our Calgary dentist:

Clean it.

Gently clean your mouth guard with a toothbrush and toothpaste after every use and as soon as possible after removing it. Periodically also clean your mouth guard with soap and warm water. Always ensure it is rinsed thoroughly after each cleaning.

Dry it.

After cleaning your mouth guard, make sure it’s thoroughly dried before putting it back in its container to prevent the growth of (smelly) bacteria.

Store it.

Every mouth guard provided by our Calgary dentist comes with its own hard container. Ensure you always store your mouth guard in this container to prevent it from being chipped, damaged or warped.

Protect it.

Never clean your mouth guard in hot water or leave your mouth guard in the sun. Doing so could cause your mouth guard to warp or deteriorate. Don’t leave your mouth guard laying around. Pets love chewing them!

Bring it.

Always bring your mouth guard to your dentist appointment with our Calgary dentist or hygienist. At your appointment, our Calgary dentist or hygienist can inspect it and, if necessary, make recommendations for a replacement guard. Our Calgary dentist can also clean your mouth guard for you in our ultrasonic cleaner.

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