Root Canals

They’re safe, effective and, best of all, preserve your natural tooth.

Your Tooth Is Worth Saving.

Ask our Calgary dentist about the safety and effectiveness of root canals.

If your tooth has become severely inflamed, infected or damaged, wherever possible, our Calgary dentist, Dr. Dirk Thompson, will recommend that you save it. In certain circumstances, this can be accomplished with root canal therapy, also known as endodontic treatment.

Many patients associate root canal therapy with pain. The reality is that, with the use of a local anaesthetic, a root canal can be completed very comfortably and quickly relieves the pain you are experiencing as a result of a serious infection in your tooth or significant trauma causing damage to its internal structure. After the root canal procedure is completed, most people continue on with their daily schedule and do very well with either no pain medication or an over the counter pain reliever. 

Endodontic treatment is a safe and effective treatment for a tooth that has become severely inflamed, infected or damaged. Find our more about root canals by our Calgary dentist below.

root canal


Often there are tell-tale signs that you may need a root canal, especially if your tooth shows chronic symptoms. Even if your symptoms seem to come and go, it's always best to see our Calgary dentist to rule out any dental issues that may require immediate attention.


Lingering pain in and around your tooth after eating hot, cold, sweet or spicy foods or beverages.

Sharp or intense pain in or around your tooth when biting or chewing.

Moderate to severe pain and/or pressure in or around your tooth that is constant.

A cracked or knocked-out tooth or trauma to your tooth.

Swelling or sensitivity in your gums.




MYTH #1: Root canals are painful.

REALITY: Although this may have been the case decades ago, with today’s modern technology and the use of effective local anesthetics, root canals can be completed very comfortably by our Calgary dentist. Most patients tolerate this procedure very well and any any discomfort following the procedure can usually be managed by over the counter pain medication.

MYTH #2: Root canals are not safe.

REALITY: Although there are risks and benefits with all dental procedures, root canal therapy is both an effective and safe dental procedure used for the treatment of a tooth with inflamed or infected pulp.

For more information regarding the Canadian Dental Association’s position on root canal safety, our Calgary dentist refers you to the Joint Public Statement On Root Canal Treatment.

MYTH #3: Root canals can cause illness or cancer.

REALITY: The root of this myth comes from long-debunked research that is over a century old. The truth is that there is no valid, scientific evidence that root canals cause disease or illness, including cancer, anywhere in the body. For more information, see the Canadian Cancer Society.

MYTH #4: It's better to pull your tooth.

REALITY: Wherever possible, saving your tooth is always the best option. No artificial tooth prosthetic can replace your natural tooth in terms of both form and function. With proper after care, a root canalled tooth can last a lifetime and save you the time and expense of more expensive dental procedures.

So You Need a Root Canal. Now What?

We understand that being told you need a root canal is probably not the news you want to hear. The good news is that, with over 28 years’ experience in the diagnosis and treatment of teeth requiring root canal therapy, you can be assured you’re in gentle and experienced hands with our Calgary dentist, Dr. Dirk Thompson. 

Root canal procedures with our Calgary dentist take one to two visits. At your first dental appointment, your root canal will be completed by our Calgary dentist. Depending upon the type of final restoration to be placed, this will be completed either at the end of your first dental appointment or at a second dental appointment. If your final restoration cannot be completed at the first appointment, a temporary filling will be placed pending placement of your final restoration at your second appointment. Prior to your root canal treatment, our Calgary dentist will explain all of the steps involved, including its cost, the time required to complete the treatment, the recommended restoration and what to expect during and after treatment.

The Process. Simplified.


Using a local anesthetic, our Calgary dentist will make an opening in the crown of your tooth. The affected pulp is then carefully and thoroughly removed from the pulp chamber and root canals.


The canals are carefully and thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and shaped. A tooth can have 1 or more roots and 1 or more canals in each root.

root canal tooth


The canals are filled with a material called gutta percha and the canals are sealed. The final restoration will take place at this or your next dental visit with our Calgary dentist.

root canal tooth


At the restoration stage, if necessary your tooth will be fortified with a post. It will then be restored with a crown or filling, making your tooth both functional and aesthetically beautiful.

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Things To Think About

Don't Delay Treatment

oral infections can spread

If you have a tooth that’s bothering you, don’t delay making an appointment to see our Calgary dentist. Delaying treatment of a tooth with infected pulp can increase the risk of the infection spreading to other parts of your body, which in some cases can be life threatening. 

Know Your Insurance

let's pre-determine your benefits

The amount of dental insurance coverage for root canals varies from plan to plan. Prior to proceeding with treatment, ask our Calgary dentist team to pre-determine your dental insurance benefits so you will know how much your dental insurance will cover for your root canal procedure and what your patient portion will be.

Aftercare Is Essential

follow our instructions

After your root canal treatment has been completed, ensure you follow our Calgary dentist’s post-procedure instructions. For at least 1-2 days after your root canal, avoid hard and sticky foods, be cautious around your root canalled tooth and, of course, brush your teeth twice per day and floss daily.



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